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【Plan 13】Making and Eating Homemade Ramen Noodles On the Spot




【Plan 13】Making and Eating Homemade Ramen Noodles On the Spot



Eat the noodles you made right then and there!

Learn to make ramen from a professional at a local shop of long standing, Fujishiro Noodles.

Challenge yourself to mix, knead, stretch, and cook noodles for Chiba Ramen!

Come try making noodles for Chiba Ramen, a company that aims to revitalize Chiba Prefecture through food involving people, ingredients, and tools from Chiba. Learn from a professional from Fujishiro Noodles, a local noodle-maker of long standing, starting from mixing flour with water and brine. Mix, knead, stretch, and finally cut the noodles, then have the freshly-made noodles boiled right there in the store and finish making your ramen! The hard work you put in will make the noodles taste even better!

▲Challenge yourself to make noodles for the first time!

▲Noodle-making set that comes with easy-to-understand instructions

Put some power into the kneading!

▲Use your body weight while kneading the noodles, an important step in making firm noodles

Turn the handle round and round

▲The final step, cutting the noodles, is done with a special machine. “The noodles look delicious!” (Ms. Hinata)

▲Homemade noodles are surprisingly chewy!

General Flow of Events

①Learn about Chiba Ramen and its focus on local production (10 min.)
②Try making noodles! (45 min.)
③Choose a soup and eat your noodles! (20 min.)
④Dismissal once you are done eating

All menu options are only 1,000 yen per person!

▲Ramen (light): Features an original blend of soy sauce made in Chiba

▲Soft-boiled egg ramen (light): Features a specialty soft-boiled egg

▲Special ramen (light): Includes 3 slices of juicy grilled pork

▲Tsukemen (dipping noodles): Recommended to better taste the noodles
*All pictures show ramen with light soup

You can choose between light and rich soup.

▲Soy sauce flavor,Light/Tonkotsu (pork bone) flavor,Rich

Along with the noodle-making experience, enjoy Chiba Ramen, full of local ingredients! (Mr. Kobayashi, Chiba Ramen)
There are few opportunities for lessons on how to make ramen noodles.
I’ll teach you our noodle company’s tips and tricks for tasty noodles! (Mr. Fujishiro, Fujishiro Noodles.)

Basic Info

■Plan Number
■Set dates
(Sat.) 6/11, (Sat.) 6/18, (Sat.) 7/2, (Sat.) 7/16, (Sat.) 8/6, (Sat.) 8/20
16:00 – 17:15 (55 min. of noodle-making + 20. min to eat)
■Required time
Approx. 1 hour, 15 minutes
■Application deadline
17:00, three days in advance
1,000 yen per person
*Free for those who are only accompanying others (may not participate in the plan)
*Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian
■Minimum number of participants
15 (in order of registration)
■Things to bring
Apron, bandana or hat, container to take home noodles in (for those who wish to bring it home)
■Meeting spot
Ario Soga 1F, in front of the Ship Gate (Fune no Geeto) elevator
Available (use the Ario Soga parking lot)
Approx. 10 minutes by the free Harbor City Soga shuttle bus from JR Soga Station West Exit
*First leaves Soga Station at 9:00, final bus leaves Ario Soga at 22:14 (roughly one shuttle every 10 minutes until about 19:00)
The event is indoors, so generally there should be no cancellations due to weather.

[Hosted by]Chiba Prefecture Support Project (Chiba Ramen x Fujishiro Noodles)

Meeting spot:52-7 Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
Meet on the 1st floor in front of the Ship Gate (Fune no Geeto) elevator


Chiba Prefecture Support Project (Chiba Ramen x Fujishiro Noodles)
We have ended this plan.


On the day of your reservation, please go to the designated meeting spot 15 minutes before your reservation.
Please pay the fees in Japanese yen when you arrive on the day of your reservation.


Q: Can I make a reservation when a plan is already full?
A: Yes, you can. If someone cancels, your reservation will then already be in place.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: There are no cancellation fees. If you must cancel, please be sure to contact the event host in advance, as there may be others on a waitlist to participate.

Q: Do I get something if I make a reservation?
A: No, we don’t use tickets or anything like that.

Q: Can I pay in advance?
A: No, I’m afraid not. All plans must be paid in cash on site.

*There is a possibility that each plan may be photographed.
*Please be aware that you may end up being photographed as well.