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【Plan1】Countryside Games or Nagashi Somen Noodles in the Satoyama




【Plan1】Countryside Games or Nagashi Somen Noodles in the Satoyama



Come have fun and learn about satoyama! Enjoy the satoyama summer with all five senses.

Make enjoyable memories in the great outdoors and try playing countryside games!

Introducing two plans from the “Enjoy Satoyama Series”, a project designed so that people who live in the city can experience countryside games not far from home.
Plan A includes hiking in the countryside and observing various plants, trees, insects, and birds while immersing yourself in nature and using all five senses.
Plan B includes a summer craft class and a lunch of nagashi somen (scooping up somen noodles as they slide down a bamboo water chute). In the craft class, you will learn how to use saws and knives to make a piggy bank, chopsticks, etc.

Plan A: Traditional Countryside Games

Enjoy countryside games in the great outdoors of satoyama!

▲Chiba City is proud to have preserved its rural countryside and beautiful environment.

Walk on the footpaths between the rice fields and discover exciting things that you can only see in the country

Fill up a bucket with crayfish and tadpoles to take home.

Things to try

☑Catch crayfish!
☑Catch grasshoppers and dragonflies!
☑Explore the countryside!

Plan B: Craft class and nagashi somen

▲Wow! The well water rushing down the bamboo chute is very cold even in the summertime.
“Somen noodles taste even better when eaten from a dipping bowl and chopsticks you made yourself!” (Ms. Kogame)

From just one piece of bamboo, you can make chopsticks, a soba dipping bowl, plates, scoops, and more – anything you can imagine!

You can even make takepokkuri (children’s toy clogs) from bamboo.

A good chance for kids to finish up their summer vacation crafts homework!

At Yato Workshop, you can learn how to make miso (soybean paste) and soba noodles from scratch.

“Please come visit Yato Workshop with your family and enjoy a unique nature experience in the satoyama not far from the city.” (Mr. Kaneoya, Yato Workshop)

Basic Info

■Plan Number
Plan A: (Sun.) 7/3, (Sat.) 8/6, (Sat.) 8/27
Plan B: (Sun.) 7/24, (Sat.) 8/13, (Sat.) 8/20
10:00 – 14:00 (meet at 9:30)
■Required time
4 hours
■Registration deadline
17:00, 5 days in advance
“Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop
■Minimum participants
■Maximum participants
30 (in order of registration)
■Things to bring
a towel, a change of clothes, lunch, drinks, a bag to carry home your bamboo handicrafts
■Meeting spot
“Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop
Paid parking available
Take the bus from Chiba Urban Monorail Chishirodai Station
1.Via Sarashina Bus, get off at Yatou 2 (谷当2), then walk 1 minute.
2.Via Keisei Bus, get off at Onaridai Shako (御成台車庫), walk 20 minutes.
In case of cancellation due to rain, you will be contacted by 17:00 the day before the trip.

[Hosted by] “Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop /NPO Balance21

Meeting spot:70 Yatou-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba City


“Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop /NPO Balance21
We have ended this plan.


On the day of your reservation, please go to the designated meeting spot 15 minutes before your reservation.
Please pay the fees in Japanese yen when you arrive on the day of your reservation.


Q: Can I make a reservation when a plan is already full?
A: Yes, you can. If someone cancels, your reservation will then already be in place.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: There are no cancellation fees. If you must cancel, please be sure to contact the event host in advance, as there may be others on a waitlist to participate.

Q: Do I get something if I make a reservation?
A: No, we don’t use tickets or anything like that.

Q: Can I pay in advance?
A: No, I’m afraid not. All plans must be paid in cash on site.

*There is a possibility that each plan may be photographed.
*Please be aware that you may end up being photographed as well.