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【Plan 15】 Chiba Castle Flower Walk Admire the cherry blossoms and take a stroll through the area around Chiba Castle with a guide




【Plan 15】 Chiba Castle Flower Walk Admire the cherry blossoms and take a stroll through the area around Chiba Castle with a guide



Around 100 beautiful Somei-yoshino cherry blossoms are in bloom in Inohana Park, where Chiba Castle (folk museum) is located

Commemorate the Chiba’s 890th anniversary as a prefecture! Spring in full bloom! Enjoy visiting cherry blossoms and walking around Chiba castle town♪

Commemorate the Chiba’s 890th anniversary as a prefecture! Visiting cherry blossoms in Chiba
Visit the Chiba Family and enjoy a spring banquet

The famous “Chiba Family”, descended from Emperor Kanmu, moved to Chiba 890 years ago and it was established as a prefecture. Please enjoy walking around the castle town that will show you the history of Chiba City with lovely blooming cherry blossoms. This is the only time you will be able to enjoy a tour with an expert guide through Yoshikawa River with its rows of cherry blossoms, Chiba-jinja Shrine, famous historical places, and more. At the end of the tour at “Chataro” on Hasuike Road where vestiges of the red light district remain a Tsugaru Shamisen live performance will unfold before your eyes.

1. Admire the cherry blossoms along “Yoshikawa River”

You can view the many cherry blossoms which grow along the Yoshikawa River that flows under the Chiba Monorail over a space of about 300 meters.

2. Wish for a good match at “Chiba-jinja Shrine” as well

A historical shrine which enshrines the “Myoken-son”, the guardian deity of the Chiba Family. You can also wish for good matches at the “Tsukiboshi” shrine gate.

3. Appreciate Saya-do at the “Art Museum”

The former Chiba branch of Kawasaki Bank built in 1927. The Neo-Renaissance style “Saya-do Hall” is a must-see.

4. “Yamato Bridge”, where there is still an unloading port

Yamato Bridge hangs over the Miyakogawa River, which used to be a center of water transportation. An unloading port remains there.

5. Yoritomo drank it!? “Tea Water”

When Minamoto Yoritomo stopped by the daimyo castle of the Chiba Family, it is said he used this water to make tea.

6. Famous cherry blossom spot! The “castle” garden

It is also said to be the ruins of the Chiba family daimyo castle. Inside the building, which replicates the castle, you can learn about the history of the Chiba Family. This is the most recommended spot for cherry blossoms on this tour.

Speech bubble: Also enjoy seasonal cuisine at “Inohana Restaurant”!

Treat yourself to the “famous Inohana dumplings” and “cherry blossom tea”!

7. Wart removal at “Injuji Temple”

Founded by Reigan Shonin, this ancient temple was constructed in the 16th century for the Chiba Family ancestors. There is also a wart-removing bodhisattva which is said to remove warts with the offering salt.

8. “Azuma Bridge”, which honors the old times

The first generation “Azuma Bridge” was constructed of wood around 1900s. The current bridge, which keeps the original design, was completed in 1996.

9. Emotional remains, “Hasuike Stone Monument”

A stone monument which was constructed in remembrance of the red-light district region that was called “Hasuike” before the war. It recalls that time still today.

10. “Hasuike Road”, a vestige of the red light district

The origin of the name is the fact that lotus flowers used to blossom here. In the Meiji period Japanese style restaurants started to appear here, and even today there are vestiges of the red light district.

11. Live Kitchen “Chataro”

Top things off with a live Shamisen performance!

At the end of the guided tour you can enjoy a Tsugaru Shamisen performance live at “Chataro” in Hasuike. The proprietress will welcome you with her home cooking in an at-home atmosphere. Includes one drink.


Basic Info

■Plan Number
(Mon.) 3/28, (Tue.) 3/29, (Wed.) 3/30, (Thurs.) 3/31, (Fri.) 4/1
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■Required time
4 hours and 30 minutes (including dining)
■Registration deadline
5PM 3 days prior
2,500 yen per person (includes meal, dumpling, tea, and insurance)
※The course includes some stairs, etc., so please refrain from participating using wheelchairs or strollers.
■Minimum participants
■Maximum participants
10(in order of application)
■Things to bring
We recommend brining a camera to take photos
■Meeting spot
Chiba City Tourist Information Center
About 1 minute on foot from the east exit of JR Chiba Station
Cancelled during stormy weather. In the case of cancellation we will contact you by 5:00PM on the day before the event by telephone.

[Hosted by] Chiba City Tourism Association, Public Interest Incorporated Association

Meeting spot:1-1 Shinchiba, Chuo Ward, Chiba City



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