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【Plan4】Peanut Harvesting and Buffet of Local Vegetable Dishes




【Plan4】Peanut Harvesting and Buffet of Local Vegetable Dishes


▲Experience the fine rich soil of Chiba and its bountiful clusters of peanuts.

New! A plan full of peanuts fresh from the field

Experience peanut harvesting and preparing bocchi (peanut bales)!
Enjoy a buffet full of locally sourced produce!

When it comes to Chiba, the first thing that comes to mind is peanuts! As a major production area of peanuts, we are offering a new plan to try harvesting peanuts and making bocchi, bales of peanuts set out to dry, a symbol of autumn in Shimoda-cho, Chiba. Additional information is at webpage. You can take your harvested peanuts home with you as a souvenir. Children love the unique experience of helping to make bocchi. The plan also includes a buffet meal with plenty of seasonal vegetables from Chiba City, and all-you-can-eat boiled peanuts, which are only available this time of year. You can also buy local specialty products at the direct-sale produce stand by the restaurant. Come make autumn memories with your family!

▲Let’s make bocchi by piling up freshly harvested peanuts to be dried on the ground, adding a delicious taste to the peanuts!

▲Dig up peanut clusters from the ground, where peanuts grow! Discovering the biggest clusters is very satisfying

▲At Furusato Yakuzen: Mio, a local specialty restaurant, the focus is on ‘all-natural, non-artificial material’, all the way to the seasonings.

▲Enjoy delicious and sweet all-you-can-eat boiled peanuts that have just been harvested!

■Plan Number

■Designated Dates
(Sat.) Sept. 19, (Sun.) Sept. 20, (Sat.) Sept. 26, and (Sun.) Sept. 27.)


■Registration deadline
By 15:00, 4 days before

Adults (junior high school students and above): \3500
Elementary school students: \3,000
Children aged 4-6: \300

What are bocchi?

Peanuts right after the harvest contain 50% moisture and are highly perishable, meaning that they need to be dried in the sun for about a month through a process called jiboshi (drying on the ground). The piles of drying peanuts are called bocchi and are as high as an adult. The drying is complete when you can hear the nuts rattle inside the shell when shaken.

Shimoda Agricultural Fureai-kan

Learn about the local seasonal culinary culture!

Shimoda Agricultural Fureai-kan is a facility that aims to bridge urban life with agricultural life through taste, learning, and fun. Each season, we host harvest festivals featuring “harvesting tours” of local fruits or vegetables, farmer’s markets, and local cuisine prepared by restaurant “Furusato Yakuzen: Mio”. The food tastes like Chiba home cooking!

▲In this Chiba Asobi tour, you will harvest the peanuts grown in the field pictured above.

Basic Info

■Minimum participants: 2+ Maximum participants: 15 (in order of registration) *Not including preschool children

■Required time: 3 and a half hours分

■What to bring: work gloves, towels, boots, spare clothes, hats, bags to take peanuts home, etc.

■Meeting spot: Shimoda Agricultural Fureai-kan

■Parking: Available (free)

■Access: See map

■Notes: You will need to walk to the field from the Shimoda Fureai-kan (depending on crop conditions, it may be necessary to travel by car to a different field). The event will be cancelled in severe weather, in which case, participants will be notified no later than 15:00 of the day before the event.

【Reservations】Shimoda Agricultural Fureai-kan

971 Shimoda-cho, Wakaba Ward, Chiba City
Yotsukaido Sta.
JR Sobu Main Line
Yotsukaido Golf Club
Autoland Chiba Dirt Trial Course No.1
Onaridai Shako
Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Chiba Citizens Golf Course
Chiba Urban Monorail Chishirodai Sta.



Shimoda Agricultural Fureai-kan
TEL 043-237-8011
Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 Closed Mondays

The Plan was terminated