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【Plan 11】Experience Japanese Culture at a Mansion Famous for Its Cuisine Flower Arranging/Shakuhachi Bamboo Flutes/Karate + Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl!




【Plan 11】Experience Japanese Culture at a Mansion Famous for Its Cuisine Flower Arranging/Shakuhachi Bamboo Flutes/Karate + Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl!



Fan Toss Game

▲The Fan Toss Game has been a popular game since the middle of the Edo Era. It’s so simple, you’ll be hooked in no time!※The cost of the Fan Toss Game is only included in the fee for the karate workshops.

Try to Experience “The Heart of Japan” through Long-Established Japanese Restaurants!

Experience Japanese Culture at a Mansion Famous for its Cuisine
Flower arrangement/Shakuhachi bamboo flute/Karate – all workshops include a “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl” meal

Won’t you take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture?
This time around “Chiba Asobi” is offering three brand new cultural workshops that you can experience at an authentic Japanese-style restaurant. These activities are perfect for beginners. No experience with flower arrangement, shakuhachi bamboo flute, or karate is necessary. Bring your non-Japanese friends – all are welcome!

(Sat.) 9/3, (Sat.) 10/1, (Sat.) 11/5
Flower Arrangement Workshops

▲“Making a balanced arrangement is surprisingly difficult!” ~ Ms. Nagahata

Instructor: Yuriko Abe from the Hisaho School of the Misho Style
These workshops focus on teaching how to make elementary arrangements, so they are ideal for ikebana first-timers. At first, just enjoy yourself. You may keep the arrangement you make. Try to challenge yourself at home!

The flower arrangement workshop includes a “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl” meal and a free pair of flower shears that you can keep.

※You may choose to also try the Fan Toss Game for an additional fee of \500.

(Sat.) 9/10, (Sat.) 10/29, (Sat.) 11/12
Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute Workshops

▲“I was so happy that I could make a sound on the flute right away!” ~ Ms. Ogino

Instructor: Hirokazu Matsumoto from the Matsumoto Shakuhachi Studio
The basic of shakuhachi is breathing. Participants will practice mindful, controlled breathing. You probably will not produce a sound at first, but that makes the first time you make a beautiful sound all the more special!

The shakuhachi bamboo flute workshop includes a “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl” meal and shumai souvenirs.

※You may choose to also try the Fan Toss Game for an additional fee of \500.

(Sat.) 9/17, (Sat.) 11/26
Karate Workshops

▲The karate workshop takes place in a tatami room. Exercises range from basic movements to hand-to-hand combat.

Instructor: Norihide Sato from the Rengoku School of the Goju Style
This workshop targets karate first-timers, so the main themes are diet and the art of self-defense. The workshop opens with stretches before activities that mimic actual fighting, such as one-on-one sparring.

The karate workshop includes a “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl” meal and Fan Toss Game lesson.


All three workshops include the “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl”

The “Tsukimi-don Rice Bowl” is designed to resemble a full moon. All chicken and eggs are halal. The rich seasoning uses soy sauce as a base and is so delicious that you won’t be able to put down your chopsticks! All 3 workshops include this meal.

Location:Suruga Mansion
This authentic Japanese restaurant offers the freshest ingredients in an elegant setting.
Just a 7 minute walk from Chiba Station.

Basic Info

■Plan Number
【Flower arrangement】 (Sat.) 9/3, (Sat.) 10/1, (Sat.) 11/5
【Shakuhachi bamboo flute】 (Sat.) 9/10, (Sat.) 10/29, (Sat.) 11/12
【Karate】 (Sat.) 9/17, (Sat.) 11/26
■Required time
90 minutes (1 hour workshop, 30 minute meal)
■Registration deadline
17:00, 2 days in advance
“Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop
\4000 per person
※ Elementary school students and older may participate
※ Pre-school age children may accompany their parents
■Minimum participants
■Maximum participants
20 maximum(first come first served)
■Things to bring
For karate, clothes in which you can exercise and a towel
■Meeting spot
Suruga Mansion
None at actual location (please use the nearest coin parking lot)
JR Chiba Station (East Exit), or Keisei Line Chuo Chiba Station (both about a 7 minute walk)
In regards to ordering a halal meal, English interpretation services are available.
If the workshop is cancelled, you will be notified by 17:00 the day before.
For flower arrangement and shakuhachi bamboo flute workshop participants who wish to learn the Fan Toss Game, please indicate that in your phone or internet reservation.

[Hosted by] Suruga Mansion

Meeting spot:1-12 Shin-machi, Chuo-ku, Chiba City


Suruga Mansion
We have ended this plan.


On the day of your reservation, please go to the designated meeting spot 15 minutes before your reservation.
Please pay the fees in Japanese yen when you arrive on the day of your reservation.


Q: Can I make a reservation when a plan is already full?
A: Yes, you can. If someone cancels, your reservation will then already be in place.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: There are no cancellation fees. If you must cancel, please be sure to contact the event host in advance, as there may be others on a waitlist to participate.

Q: Do I get something if I make a reservation?
A: No, we don’t use tickets or anything like that.

Q: Can I pay in advance?
A: No, I’m afraid not. All plans must be paid in cash on site.

*There is a possibility that each plan may be photographed.
*Please be aware that you may end up being photographed as well.