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【Plan5】Lunch with Winter Vegetables and Salad Bouquet-Making at a Farmers Restaurant




【Plan5】Lunch with Winter Vegetables and Salad Bouquet-Making at a Farmers Restaurant



The salad bouquet you will take home as a souvenir may also make a good gift!

Exquisite and cute! Learn a new way to enjoy winter vegetables!

Savor the Taste of Vegetables at a Farmers Restaurant!
Lunch with Winter Vegetables and Salad Bouquet-Making

Enjoy the popular lunch and desserts made with vegetables freshly harvested from Tanjo Farm, then make a charming ‘salad bouquet’ out of approximately 15 types of seasonal winter vegetables. For everyone, who wants to know morepage. The plan also includes a talk about the features of the different vegetables and how to prepare and store them. The leafy vegetables are thick and sweet, and the root vegetables are nutritious and tasty to eat as-is, making this a great opportunity to learn about the original taste of vegetables and take them home.

Plenty of colorful seasonal vegetables such as retasai, persimmons, manganji peppers, carrots…

A completed salad bouquet!

Basic Info

■Plan Number
(Sun.) 12/6, (Sun.) 12/13, (Sun.) 12/20, (Sun.) 1/10, (Sun.) 1/17, (Sun.) 1/24
13:30 – 15:30
■Required time
2 hours
■Registration deadline
17:00, three days in advance
3,000 yen per adult
*Includes a seasonal vegetable plate, drink, Chiba Asobi special dessert, and salad bouquet.

■Minimum participants
■Maximum participants
8 (in order of registration)
■Things to bring
■Meeting spot
Tanjo Farm Kitchen
① From JR Inage Station, take the Keisei Bus leaving at 12: 46 and bound for Kotehashi Danchi (12:46発こてはし団地) and get off at Dainichicho Iriguchi (大日町入口), then walk 2 minutes
② From Keisei Katsutadai Station,take the Keisei Bus leaving at 12:48 and bound for Kotehashi Danchi (12: 48発こてはし団地) and get off at Kotehashi Danchi Iriguchi (こてはし団地入口), then walk 8 minutes
Elementary-school students and below may not register without a guardian. Contents may change due to the conditions of the vegetables or the climate.

Tanjo Farm Kitchen

Meeting spot:1399-2 Dainichicho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi (inside Yukihausu)


Tanjo Farm Kitchen
We have ended this plan.


On the day of your reservation, please go to the designated meeting spot 15 minutes before your reservation.
Please pay the fees in Japanese yen when you arrive on the day of your reservation.


Q: Can I make a reservation when a plan is already full?
A: Yes, you can. If someone cancels, your reservation will then already be in place.

Q: Are there any cancelation fees?
A: No, there aren’t.However, canceling can greatly inconvenience the other participants, so please refrain from doing so unless it’s really necessary.

Q: Do I get something if I make a reservation?
A: No, we don’t use tickets or anything like that.

Q: Can I pay in advance?
A: No, I’m afraid not. All plans must be paid in cash on site.

*There is a possibility that each plan may be photographed.
*Please be aware that you may end up being photographed as well.